Hi. I am a Taiwanese American freelance journalist and cookbook author.

My debut cookbook, Made In Taiwan (Simon Element, Sept 19, 2023), is a celebration of the island nation that I call home.

My writing has been published in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Los Angeles Times, National Geographic, CNN, NPR, among others. I have field-produced videos for VICE News Tonight, 60 Minutes, Vox, and SBS Dateline. My work tends to occupy (but is not limited to) the intersections of food, politics, culture, and the environment.

Previously, I was a senior reporter at Goldthread, a video-centric imprint of the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong, where I made over 100 videos on the foods and cultures of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in the span of two years. In 2015, my VICE piece on working conditions in a rum factory led to an industry-wide boycott of the company, which sparked major systematic changes to the sugarcane industry in Nicaragua.

I have visited and filed stories from 23 provinces in China and once worked a short stint as a volcano hiking guide in Central America. Born and raised in Los Angeles, I now reside in Taipei with my family, where we tend to a subtropical garden called Arcadia.

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Clarissa Wei

Freelance journalist.